Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Banks Of The Seine

The Pont-Neuf, Paris by Edouard Boubat
The Pont-Neuf, Paris

The Pont-Neuf, one of Hemingway's regular walking routes as he explored the Seine and its inhabitants. He loved the Notre Dame area, it was close to the booksellers and then he might sit on the grass and eat his lunch as he watched the fishermen.
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Meg in Nelson said...

Nice photo, Paul. Black and white seem makes it so nostalgic, but it wasn't exactly a quiet time, was it, especially in Europe.

Nikon said...

Hello Meg,
I try to find "vintage" photos - this one is more recent.
In the early twenties, Hemingway's time in Paris, I think it was relatively civilized except for the inflation. That's what brought so many artists and other expats there to begin with; it was cheap to live there. Also, many veterans of the First World War liked Europe and decided to stay awhile ( or come back).

Carlos said...

Yes... very nostalgic. Ham from LondonDailyPhoto has another blog,, unfortunately he's not posting for a long time.

Nikon said...

Hi Carlos,
I took a look at that blog - it's very interesting - the vintage photos. I hope he posts some more.

Meg in Nelson said...

Happy New Year, Paul! We've been 11.5 hours into the New Year! Hope to see more stuff here in 2007.

lynn said...

mmm lovely images you write about there, in addition to a great photo.

Ame said...

Hey the Pont-Neuf! Such a romantic spot! ;)

Oya said...

I like this photo in black and white.

Josy said...

What a terrific photo! I know it isn't quite from the time you wanted, but the effect is still "vintage."

Nikon said...

Very perceptive Josy - it's not vintage, so I "stole" one that could perhaps pass.
If you click on it it takes you to a poster seller. They allow you to use their stuff for blogs cuz you just might buy one.
But this at least lets me off the copyright hook - they want you to post it.

Josy said...

(No perception here- I just read comment sections. Surely you've noticed.)

(Speaking of perception, I take it you've noted that this Blogger-sponsored sketchblog account of mine is in fact connected with , yes? Since you don't allow comments from non-Blogger-people and all..)

Nikon said...

Hi Josy, I appreciate your visits.
I thought anyone could post here.
I know your sketchbook & Monmouth photo blog are connected.
Am I misunderstanding you?

Kimberly said...

thanks for stopping by my site and leaving a comment :) wasn't sure where to leave you a comment.

Btw, I like these photos.