Thursday, February 22, 2007

Robert McAlmon

Robert McAlmon (on the right with Hemingway, first photo) was one of the wealthier American expats in Paris. He married into his wealth. He was a poet and writer who wanted to start a publishing house for new writers. He started Contact Editions and used Shakespeare & Co. as his office.
He met Hemingway and the two became friends even though the relationship had its stormy times.
They travelled to Spain with Bill Bird for Ernest's first exposure to bullfighting - in the photo above they are in the Spanish town of Ronda in the bullring there.
The third photo shows Hemingway's first published work - published by McAlmon in 1923.
The short stories were: My Old Man, Out of Season, and Up in Michigan.
The ten poems were:
Oily Weather
Champs d'Honneur
Riparto d'Assalto
Along With Youth
Chapter Heading
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Shionge said...

Hiya Paul :) I find this amazing over your fascination on Hemingway and this has certainly arouse my curiosity as well and I shall read your achives soon.

Thank you for sharing and truly knowledgable :D

Have a nice weekend!

Nikon said...

Hi Shionge,
Great to have a visitor!
Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you find the site educational - feel free to let me know if you don't like anything.

Ame said...

I don't like the fact that you lied about your're really only 200....shame on you!



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Anonymous said...

I had to read that story "My Old Man" twice - somehow it became mixed in my mind with my screen name -- oldmanlincoln.

Thanks, by the way, for stopping and commenting about Autumn Eve. Pets are wonderful and I know you miss the cat as much as I miss the dog.

Nikon said...

Ame, I'm only 175, so please get the facts straight - how do you like the hats by the way?
Abe, I love that post of your grandaughter & the dog - a great shot.
The short story was criticized by some as having been lifted from a Sherwood Anderson short story.

Nikon said...

Ame, now I finally know what you're talking about! I didn't put the age thing in the profile or the year of the rat!
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Monica from rio said...

Hi Nikon, about the picture you saw, I wasn't in a plane. The waterfall stays inside a park protected by ambiental laws and there is a special spot where you can see the waterfall.

BTW, I've always liked Hemingway but your blog certainly makes us even more curious about him. I read "A moveable feast" a coulpe of months ago.

Nikon said...

Monica, A Moveable Feast is great - this blog tries to follow the stories in it.

Carlos said...

I'm glad you posted new content and, as usual, very interesting. It's amazing the number of foreign writers in Paris in those times. Eça de Queiróz, which is in my opinion the greatest Portuguese writer, died in Paris in 1900.

BTW, you're doing fine... I mean, for a 250 guy. LOL

Nikon said...

Hi Carlos,
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Do you like those hats? LOL

Ame said... already KNOW I'm WIERD! So this shouldn't be a shock to you right?

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Meg in Nelson said...

We should all marry into wealth, Paul. I don't believe money doesn't bring happiness - it would me, definitely.

Ame said...

You're OVERDUE! ;)

Monica said...

Perhaps you could post something about Hemingway and Pascin. PDP's post today surely inspires it!

Nikon said...

Thanks for all of the comments - I'm glad to see people are stopping by. Good to see you here Meg & Monica - Ame is a regular - so hello again Ame.

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Analía said...

Thanks Paul for stopping by my blog. As icarus said, and he knows me, I'm better, sadness is fading and I'm ready to start fron scratch (is that the correct expression?)
Well, now I'm going to read your posts. I bet I'll have a good time.
Take care

Nikon said...

Sorry, it must be that other Ame from the UK.
Good luck learning how to use the computer - soon you'll be able to "chat" - a computer term you will come across with time. You can even send letters on these things!

Ame said...

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Nikon said...

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