Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bicycle Racing At The Velodrome

After Ernest gave up horseracing, he discovered cycling and liked it more than betting on the horses.
A friend of his, Mike Ward, told him that he used to bet on the horses but he'd found something better, bicycle racing.
In "A Moveable Feast" Ernest wrote: "I have started many stories about bicycle racing but have never written one that is as good as the races are both on the indoor tracks and on the roads."
" French is the only language it has ever been written in properly and the terms are all French and that is what makes it hard to write. Mike was right about it, there is no need to bet. But that comes at another time in Paris."
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The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Love that picture - look how they are all intent on winning!
I guess I never knew that they actually raced around a track.....very interesting!!

Thanks for stopping by - that phone is pretty cool isn't it?? I've tried to talk him out of it, but he just laughs!!

Have a great week!
Karla & Karrie

Kate said...

I've read TMF but don't recall the quote; what story in the collection? Haven't visited for awhile, Paul, because I've been sick with a short stay in the hospital, but I hope that I'm on the mend now. Am trying to blog and comment consistently now, and hope it continues. Your photo is a great find!!

Kate said...

Paul, I found it! It's in "The End of an Avocation." Now I have to reread it.

Nikon said...

Hi Kate, good to hear from you & I hope that you are healing rapidly.
It's good to see your avatar again!
You have the right chapter - I snipped out a sentence in between the two that I added.

Zsolt72 said...

very good photo Paul. You can find really treasures:) And it was a great idea to add the painting, too!

Carlos said...

Hi Paul,
I also don't recall the quote. I'll have to reread it too. Precious images and content.

Tomate Farcie said...

Very, very cool link you sent to Eric on PDP, Paul. Thank you!

from cali said...

I just read that chapter about an hour ago!

Agree with Tomate, the link is cool.

Nikon said...

Thank you Tomate, & Cali!!

Coltrane_lives said...

Paul...glad I checked out your blog. You've got the stuff here my man! Paris and Hemingway. Very nice indeed. I'll have to make it a daily stop. Cheers!

Nikon said...

Thanks for stopping by - I hope to have material that you will continue to enjoy!

Kate said...

Good morning and hello again, my loyal blogger friend. Haven't told you how much I enjoy the look of the fellow on the top photo! Do you think he could compete with Lance Armstrong or Greg LeMond?

Nikon said...

I love that shot - I had to add it when I found it!
No pampered super-star :)

TheParisApartment said...

Funny how it's sport that stands the test of time even with new equipment. It's hard to imagine Ernest out there cheering and not betting tho!

Nikon said...

Hello Claudia, I agree but he was playing the starving artist at that point, I think.

kayellen said...

Hi Paul,

Great to know Ernest liked to race bicycles....My fathernlaw is a bicycle fan...he owned 3 bike shops in his younger years..can't wait to tell him this info!
I wonder what Ernest would think about the Tour de France today!?
Take Care:)

Nikon said...

Hi Kayellen,
Well Ernest was a fan of the sport, but not a participant. He did ride a bicycle around Paris & got to know the streets that way ( this came in handy when he was advancing with the Allies in WWII), he knew the fastest way to the Ritz Bar :)

Marc said...

Actually the guy in the top picture looks like he did ride Paris - Roubaix, a one day bicycle race that is called "LĂ©nfer du nord" which means the hell of the north.

Here is what they look nowadays, some things don't change...:-)

Marc said...

duh.the link ends with 23.jpg..

here is it again..sorry..

Nikon said...

Hi Marc, thanks for the info!
There were more kinds of races than I ever knew about. In "A Moveable Feast" Hemingway mentions the road races & the motor races - not just the indoor track ones.

GMG said...

Hi Paul! TGIF and I’m trying to make a break from some hectic weeks… Probably due to the pressure I didn't notice this one: a perfect post for the Tour de France season! And another Spaniard to win; the third one on a row. Hopefully without the help from dopping!!
Always thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, still at the MoMA! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend and a nice holiday, in case you have the chance to profit from it! ;))