Monday, November 03, 2008

Harry's New York Bar

Harry's New York Bar, 5 rue Daunou (sank roo doe noe, to the Yanks), was a popular hangout for American expats, including Hemingway. Ernest would often spar at a nearby gym with Harry holding Hemingway's towel.
It was particularly popular for those fleeing prohibition America. Harrys inventions included: The White Lady, 1919, The Bloody Mary, 1921, and the Harry's Pick Me Up, in 1923.
In 1924, Harry's started its first presidential straw poll for the American expats.
That year, Republican Calvin Coolidge beat Democrat John W. Davis.
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david santos said...

Hello, Nikon!
Really beautiful posting! Nice card and pretty colours! Congratulations!!!!
Have a nice week.

Nikon said...

You too, David, thank you!

David said...

Do you know that the last picture ever taken of Hemingway (a few hours before his death) is at the Harry's?
I'm not sure whether it's the original or not though.

(what are the results for the poll this year? or is it being held on Tuesday only?)

TammyPatrice said...

Thank you David for your visit and compliment.

Just a bit of info on EH. My father met Ernest in Normandy in 1944. EH was with the Free French and Dad was heading a platoon of men through the hedgerows of Normandy toward Cherbourg and needed info. My father, being a simple man, didn't know who this big man who spoke English was. After talking with him about what the FF knew of German movements, Dad's men in the platoon had to tell him that the American was Ernest Hemingway.

Marc said...

Didn't know that...great

GMG said...

Hi Paul! Many Bloody Mary's there... And if you don't want to run the risk of walking far, there is a small hotel right on the corner of rue Daunou, Le Choiseul-Opera... Of course, if you manage to walk a little less than 500 meters, the Grand Hotel waits for you... ;)
Atget and Man Ray, Great shots!!
Now, Blogtrotter is departing Armenia. It leaves you however with a view that Tsar Nicholas didn’t see… ;))
Have a great week!

Nikon said...

Hello, David, Tammy, Gil, & marc.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
David, I didn't know about the last picture of Hem being in Harry's - although there is one on Harry's website that may be the one you're talking about. An aged Hem is kicking a stone(or something) as he walks down a street).(I've put a link to Harry's in the caption.)
The straw poll this year - as of the AM of 11/03/08 - is Obama/Biden 230; Mccain/Palin 152.
I wish I could find how the 1924 vote went!
The expats were liberal & bohemian, so I imagine they voted for the more liberal candidate.

David said...

Yep, this is that one. You can find it above the kitchen's door in the bar.

cafe selavy said...

Once, I was accompanied to Paris by three very wealthy young women. I was not, and I was bleeding money. At Harry's, after a round of drinks, I handed one of the young women some money and asked her to pay. The chivalry of the men at the bar was overwhelming. We drank the next few hours for free. Viva Harry's and its excellent patrons!

Moi said...

oh i see you are back to posting...i am glad :)

Nikon said...

Hello Moi!
Good to have you here!

Kate said...

David makes an interesting comment. I was under the impression that Hem. died in Ketchum, Idaho so how could his last photo be taken hours before at Harry's Bar? Perhaps I just misunderstoon the comment?!

David said...

The picture is at the Harry's, it was not taken there. Sorry if that was not clear.

Nikon said...

Hi David, thanks for the update - I'll see if I can find out what that photo is - where it was taken.

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