Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Favorite View For Hemingway

Photo courtesy Carlos
  • Lisbon Weekly Photo

  • A routine part of Hemingway's Paris years was walking down the Boulevard du Montparnasse to the intersection of rue de L'Observetoire where the La Closerie de Lilas cafe is located. It was one of his favorite spots to write, eat and drink. Hemingway would sit outside after a good days work or to be alone with his thoughts. He would often gaze at the statue of Marshal Ney. He admired the courage of Ney and writes quite often about him and the Lilas in "A Moveable Feast."
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    Carlos said...

    Thank for posting that picture (didn't need the courtesy message). Believe me it's an honor to able to give a small contribution to your site.

    Nikon said...

    Thank you, Carlos, just my way of saying thanks for your help.

    Mile Stones said...

    I don't remember this statue at all. Which seems strange, because it seems a strange statue, i.e. Ney doesn't appear to have a head!
    But your blog makes me nostalgic for Paris, Paul. I actually find its theme more in tune with me and preferable to the famous Eric's Paris Daily Photo.

    Nikon said...

    Hello Mile Stones,
    I'm having a problem making Google happy with the size of the photo without losing too much detail. The one that is on the blog now is post #3 I think. You should see a head eventually!
    I appreciate the fact that you like the site, unfortunately, I don't post very often. Maybe I should remove Carlos's name until I get it right. He's probably in agony over there.
    Take care, I appreciate your interest.

    Mile Stones said...

    Yeah, Blogger can be such a drag, can't it?
    And they are SO MUCH HELP when you have a real problem, I don't think!
    No, Carlos is fine!

    Nikon said...

    Yes,Blogger is a big help - "try our group help"
    It's amazing what they don't know, but are there to help you!
    Take care.