Monday, May 29, 2006

Ernest in Paris, 1924

Outside 113 rue Notre Dame des Champs. The apartment above the sawmill.
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Les Deux Magots

A Hemingway hangout, Les Deux Magots ("the two statues") at 170 Boulevard St. Germaine in the 6th arrondissement
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The Lilas Cafe

The Closerie des Lilas (which means a small enclosed lilac garden), one of Hemingway's favorite cafes and favorite places to write. It was close to his apartment at 113 rue Notre Dame des Champs. He would write in his notebooks there for hours when things were going well.
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A Map of Hemingway's Area of Paris

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Hemingway did not write much at the first apartment. He took a room in a hotel around the corner at 39 rue Descartes. It was the same building where the poet Verlaine had died.
In the first chapter of "A Moveable Feast" Hemingway is already making plans to leave Paris to escape the dreariness of the winter rain. He makes plans with Hadley to go to Le Avants, Switzerland where the air was crisp and clear in the winter. He decided to give up his studio at 39 rue Descartes to save money so they could leave Paris.
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Paris districts or Arrondissements

Hemingway lived in the 6th arrondissement, at 113 rue Notre Dame des Champs.
His first apartment was at 74 rue du Cardinal Lemoine ( in the 5th arrondissement). His office was just around the corner.
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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Reference: Hemingway photos in the JFK Library
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Sunday, May 21, 2006


This is just a construction site at the moment.
I hope to add maps & descriptions of Hemingway's favorite (and, not so favorite) places in Paris in the 1920s.
If you've read "A Moveable Feast," by Hemingway perhaps you've been fascinated by the streets that he walked, the cafes he frequented and the addresses that he lived at. You probably pictured them and wondered what they really looked like, like his apartment above the sawmill and the cafe on Place St-Michel.
This is the time of year for it certainly, springtime in Paris.
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