Monday, March 31, 2008


When Ernest and Hadley lived at 74 rue Cardinale Lemoine, a Bal-Musette was in the basement. Bal-Musette was a style of French music that was popular with the working class and the cafe where the music was played was called A Bal Musette. The music had a unique style that incorporated an accordian-like instrument to produce a distinctive style of music. Cafes frequented by Italians had a similar style of music but they had a different musical instrument that produced different tones. These cafes later became places to hear jazz and the tango and many other new styles of music. More at Wikipedia
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    Monday, March 10, 2008

    1920's Paris Jazz Age Film Clips

    (I added this post because YouTube had stopped running the film clip just before this one. Well, I guess your cards, letters & calls of complaint worked, because (perhaps fearing unrest) YouTube has re-released the clip.) Gosh, can it get much better than this?
    This is part of the old introduction to the above clip:
    It will give you a flavor of the times if not as much of the personalities involved from the "Lost Generation."
    (It ends rather abruptly!)
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