Thursday, February 22, 2007

Robert McAlmon

Robert McAlmon (on the right with Hemingway, first photo) was one of the wealthier American expats in Paris. He married into his wealth. He was a poet and writer who wanted to start a publishing house for new writers. He started Contact Editions and used Shakespeare & Co. as his office.
He met Hemingway and the two became friends even though the relationship had its stormy times.
They travelled to Spain with Bill Bird for Ernest's first exposure to bullfighting - in the photo above they are in the Spanish town of Ronda in the bullring there.
The third photo shows Hemingway's first published work - published by McAlmon in 1923.
The short stories were: My Old Man, Out of Season, and Up in Michigan.
The ten poems were:
Oily Weather
Champs d'Honneur
Riparto d'Assalto
Along With Youth
Chapter Heading
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