Monday, June 26, 2006

The Dome Again

Two more photographs of The Dome, (the second is a 1930s photograph).
Shortly after the Hemingways returned to Paris from Toronto in 1924, The Dome was reopened after extensive renovations. Instead of dingy walls and scarred furniture, red and gold awnings, mirrors, bright lights and even signs in English appeared.
The Paris Tibune said:
"The famous cafe which has been the rendezvous of American Bohemians in Paris for the past thirty years is now up-to-date, modern, shiny, and completely equipped as the bath room of an American "Babbitt"...Patron Chambon has chosen red as the basic color of his scheme: red flowers, red woodwork, red benches, and last and most apparent, red wall-paper with a wriggling design that needs only a little imagination to look like snakes. Green palms here and there make the red more red and the total effect is multiplied many times over by plate glass mirrors which take up all the space not occupied by red."
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