Friday, July 07, 2006


This photo is from 1925, Ernest is in front of the bull; in the white pants and dark sweater.
He first went in 1923 after Gertrude Stein mentioned the Festival of San Fermin in Northern Spain as a good change of pace for him. He went for the second time in 1924 & again in 1927.
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Shionge said...

OH Gosh! Just a long time and amazing that you are still keeping track :D

Nikon said...

Hi Shionge, thanks for the comment - it took a year to get one on this post!

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog. Do you know who took this picture? Could it be Waldo Peirce?
Thank you
Corine Reis

Nikon said...

Hello, it COULD have been Waldo Peirce, but I'm not sure.
It is in The Kennedy Library - I'll see if I can get more info.
Thanks for the visit.