Sunday, July 02, 2006

Paris As Art

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Bmorisot said...

Very nicely done, Paul. A couple of spelling nit picks: Dorothy Parker would not have written women "were all of a quiver", since that means they were all of a pouch used to carry arrows. I'm guessing she wrote "all aquiver", which means all shaky and nervous. And "glimpse" has a P between the m and the s.

Nikon said...

Thank you for looking and commenting - not too many comments so far.
I cleaned up "glimpse" - been loking at it for days & never saw it.
The Dorothy Parker quote is odd, but I got it here:
What do you think? I'll leave it up to you, ok?
I appreciate the time you took to help me out with cleaning house. I hope that you continue to visit.

Nikon said...

"Looking" - correction :)